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Common problems that are treated with Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is effective for all people, from infants to the elderly.


Osteopathic Medicine is beneficial for a variety of problems, including but not limited to:


Pediatric Problems                                  Somatic (body) Pain

Colic                                                       Neck pain

Spitting up                                               Back pain

Sucking/latching difficulty                           Sciatica

Delayed development                                 Headaches/migranes

Behavioral problems (ADD, ADHD, autism)       Joint pain syndrome

Otitis media (ear infections)                        Traumatic injury

Birth trauma                                             Overuse syndrome

Cerebral palsy

Learning disorders


Plagiocephaly (misshaped head)


Systemic Problems                                   Pregnancy Related Problems

Neurologic syndromes                                  Back pain

Digestive disorders                                      Groin pain

Genitourinary problems                                 Digestive upset (heartburn)

Chronic infectious disease                             Edema (swelling)

Head trauma                                                  

Post concussive syndrome




Respiratory Illness                                      Ear, Nose, Throat Problems

Asthma                                                        Chronic ear infections

Allergies                                                       Recurrent sore throat

Bronchitis                                                     Frequent colds

Pleurisy                                                        Sinusitis



Orthodontic problems

TMJ syndrome






Osteopathy is a safe form of treatment during pregnancy. The techniques are generally gentle.


Osteopathy is extremely useful in helping the body adjust to the changing demands on posture and the body caused by pregnancy. It can often prevent problems from developing or reduce their impact once present. Osteopathic manipulation is often used to release restrictions and improve lymphatic flow, often helping to alleviate very painful conditions such as symphysis pubis dysfunction, heartburn, acute low back pain or edema.


It is also recommended to seek treatment within six weeks after birth to help tissues to return to normal positioning.


Birth Trauma

During pregnancy and birth, many infants are exposed to a lot of pressure and forces along their bodies and heads as they lie in various positions in the uterus and then move through the birth canal. This may result in various mechanical strains and stresses. The molding and torsions that the baby goes through in birth are normal, but can leave them with irritation in the head, neck, and surrounding tissues and nerves. This could then contribute to a variety of problems including colic, fussiness, reflux, difficulty feeding/latching on, torticollis (rotation of the neck) and poor sleep.


Older toddlers may have problems with tension in their head, neck and throat which may affect the way that their ears and tonsils drain, resulting in ear, nose and throat infections.


Osteopathy utilizes very gentle treatment methods that make it particularly suitable for children, from new-born infants to teenagers.


More information, articles and research concerning osteopathic treatment of children may be found at www.osteopathiccenter.org. This is the Osteopathic Osteopathic Center for for Children run by Dr. Viola Fryman.


Breathing problems

People suffering from breathing disorders (asthma, pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, rib fractures, emphysema and other chronic respiratory illnesses) often have many tensions and restrictions in their ribcage. Osteopathic techniques work on all aspects of the breathing mechanism including the ribs, spine, diaphragm, other muscles of breathing, nerve control of the chest and blood and fluid supply to the bronchii and lungs. It may help to improve the elasticity of the ribcage, easing muscle tension to reduce respiratory fatigue. Breathing exercises and postural advice may be given to help maintain better respiratory function along with treatment. It is not always possible to resolve the underlying condition which may be related to the illness or allergies. However, osteopathic treatment may provide a better quality of life and reduce the reliance on medication.


The osteopath works with the inherent forces of the body to improve the mechanics of breathing by freeing restrictions of the chest and ribs, relaxing respiratory muscles, improving lymphatic drainage from the lungs and airways and enhancing the blood supply to the chest region.


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